Western vs alternative medicine

I Am Thankful For Modern Medicine vs Traditional Medicine

modern medicine vs traditional medicine

Traditional medical practice, I am not sure how far back we want to do to compare modern practice to. I guess I will go back to as far as my first knee surgery. I was 15 years old when I had my knee surgery on my left leg. Every time a doctor looks at my scar they exclaim it must have been a huge surgery. I have them look for the scar on my right leg which was done in 2001, I was 15 in 1985. I tell them they were same surgeries just medical practice advanced and my scar is smaller less noticeable.

Yes it is humans, doctors, researchers that brought about all the advances in practice. I give all the hard working men and women out there, their brains and their smarts. It cannot be easy at times, the long hours, dealing with people when they are at their worst. When I go to the ER I am in pain and I do not behave well myself. I leave their feeling better and embarrassed about my behavior. That is unless I have someone I know and trust with me in the ER with me.

modern medicine vs traditional medicine

modern medicine vs traditional medicine
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But really none of us would be here if it was not for God creating the world, the universe and us. God made it so that the doctors and so on could and would be willing to do the hard work. To help their fellow man when they are at their worst. In dealing with my health issues I tend to ignore I have a lot of emotions that come up. The guilt the struggle to get to a point where I am healthy, or healthier. I thank God for doctors who keep working with me each time I attempt to deal with my health. I have had a lot of false starts. But, God keeps reminding me. There are changes coming in my future and I need to be ready for them.

modern medicine vs traditional medicine

Thank you Lord for modern medicine and the ability to keep going even when I do not want to.

modern medicine vs traditional medicine outside sources

Difference Between Traditional And Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine: Different Levels of Evidence

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