I am thankful that the Lord has provided and led, and He always will

the lord has provided
Beautiful sunset on the lake, which the Lord has provided.

I am thankful that the Lord has provided and led, and He always will.

Probably a couple of months ago, my old computer got sat on accidentally by someone visiting us. Every time I tried to open or close the lid, it started to crack some more. I thought I had it functionally repaired using wide tape. All the damage seemed to be on the right side and even included the right hinge that opens and closes the computer.

Then yesterday, a piece came off the left side, revealing the framework inside the case. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would need to get a new computer. Through a series of steps that the Lord led us through, we ended up at two different Walmarts, as well as Best Buy. By process of elimination, we narrowed it down to two laptops. I chose one and went to ring it up. I had planned to put it on a credit card which we had by the grace of God. I ended up doing debit, from our checking account. Karen and I both just looked at each other and said “oops”. It wasn’t supposed to come out of debit. However, as we got to talking about it, we realized that this was the Lord’s doing. He knew which account it needed to come out of. Using debit was wiser than charging it.

Thank you, Lord, for providing the funds, helping us think through the purchase, and giving us the wisdom we needed to make a wise and informed decision. I really like my computer too. It is cool looking and very fast – and it is not cracked. God makes all things new.


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