i deserve better

‘I Deserve Better’ Do We Really?

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.
SESSION 3 Better than I Deserve

I Deserve Better

Is this really true?

Can we spend a bit of time to look at history of Human Kind according to the Bible? Start with Adam and Eve in the Garden. What did Adam and Eve do to deserve such perfect surroundings? The Garden was a gift to them because God loves His creations. But, what did they do in the face of such a gift? They wanted more, they rebelled against God. Now because of this first sin we all live under the sinful nature.

I deserve better

Now look at our lives today. What is hard for many of us to admit is that we do not measure up to God’s holiness, not in our own power. If one studies the Bible, all the laws in the Old Testament shows just how we could never meet them all. Those laws, commandments everyone of them needs to be followed for us to even come close to being as Holy as God is. Considering there are over 600 of them I know I am one of the worst sinners around. If there are degrees to sinning in God’s eyes. Seeing how holy God is I think He sees all sins on the same degree. So, this makes me think do I deserve better?

i deserve better
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We all want comfort and ease, we never want to admit that someone who is an over all good person deserves to struggle in life. But, if we base our being good against the example Jesus gave us while on earth none of us would measure up. It is only by the Grace of God that we do have what we have. Look at the trees, animals, anything and everything no matter how small that is good in your life. All of that is a blessing from God. So to truly understand suffering we need to keep in mind who God is and who we are. I pray this video series is touching your hearts and helping you understand suffering better. I know it has been revealing to me.

I deserve better outside sources

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