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I Have Known The Peace of God, Then…….

Peace of God

After raising three special needs children to adult hood, and separating from my second husband. God started working on me. Building a relationship just Him and I. He is teaching me that He is enough. I still have bought’s that I doubt Him, that I want to take the wheel back from him. But, the past several years I have experienced the peace of God.

I am down to only two kids at home. My daughter who goes to work every day, and my son who I home school. There is no more daily physical confrontation, restraining, arguing fighting. Ok, my son is entering his teen years so some turmoil there. But nothing like I had with my first three. I feel comfortable where I am at, but I do not want to stay like this.

peace of God

We do not grow in harmony, we grow in turmoil and struggle. As hard as it can be, we just are not motivated when everything is comfortable. I do not want to be a single mother, it is lonely and hard. I know God has more planned for me, for my marriage. So, the serenity I have come to know I have to be willing to give it up. Willing to move out of my comfort zone so that God’s plan can carry on. But, as I move on in growing in the Lord I need to remember there is His order for us as I lean on Him.

When things get scary and hard as He brings my husband and I back together. I need to lean on the Lord. I need to remember the peacefulness He gave me the past few years and remember it is still there for us. I need to remember as we grow closer and obey the Lord more the devil will attack. God will protect us as we put His Armor on and lean into Him. I just need to remember to read His word, put it in my heart and pray. He will work things out just as He did with my kids.

peace of god
woman sitting outside during sunset. Words say experiencing the peace of God

peace of God

I like this paragraph from Mike Ridenour’s latest post:

But I was able to tell God how worried I was and began to actually see what I need and ask for that instead of what I wanted. I quit being disappointed with God not giving me a million bucks when I started asking him how to spend the few buck I already have. I stopped being upset with God about the jobs he wasn’t letting me do in the church when I started doing the jobs he called me to do. I saw more and more things to be thankful for and when I couldn’t think of anything to pray about, instead of not praying, I just thanked God. I began to start prayers with thanks and end them with thanks and sometimes I would forget to ask for anything at all.

From the post Wake Up!

Lord, help me to see what I need beyond what I want. Help me to use what you have already given me. Help me to trust you in these changes and not loose the serenity you have given me.

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