god is the god of the living

If God is The God of The Living? What About Those Who Have Died?

God is The God of The Living

What about those who died? Is He still God of them?

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.
SESSION 1 God in the Wasteland

What do we do when we are suffering? I know for me my emotions tend to dictate my reaction. I get angry, bewildered, overwhelmed. Those feelings tend to direct my thoughts and then my thoughts direct my actions. Satan loves this pattern, his goal is to pull us away from Our Savior. When we are suffering, when we do not understand why Jesus allows the pain we are going through Satan helps us to blame The Lord. He wants us to live through our feelings.

But, then there are those of us who know that turning to Jesus is what we need to do. He will provide an understanding for why we are hurting so much. What we need to be careful of here is that our need for understanding does not put The Lord in a box. We can never fully understand Our Heavenly Father, there is no way to fully study about Our Sovereign Lord.

When suffering hits us, when someone we love dies and we are hurting so much. We need to come to Jesus with both our heart and our brains. To be open for what He has to teach us personally. To let the Holy Spirit not just any spirit guide and teach us through our suffering.

So, I pray the video above will help you come to more of an understanding of suffering, and grieving those who have died. What stood out to me the most is where R.C. Sproul Jr. states if God is the God of the living what about his wife and child who are dead? If we understand that Christ got rid of death for us, then we know those who have died are not really dead. They are alive with Christ. So, God is their God too! God is the God of the living!

god is the god of the living
Someone standing on the shore praising God

Please join me as we watch this series together and learn what we can learn from our Abba Father about how to help ourselves and others through a season of grief. I will post another video from this series on Thursday. If you would like to discuss or ask questions to not hesitate to reach out to me in the comments, using the form below or joining our Life Group on Facebook. We do have messenger chat going to talk to others in the group.

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