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Is The Nativity Story True, What Evidence Is There?

nativity story

Lastly this Christmas Eve night I would like to contemplate with you the Nativity Story as we know it. Is it true? I know that there are many studies out there. Many saying the story in the gospel’s differ. I tend to think the writers are still humans. They see things from a different viewpoint. But as at least two authors wrote of Jesus birth is proof that Jesus was born.

I would like to offer this article for some consideration:
The archaeological and historical evidence behind the birth of Christ

But, a virgin birth? Is there anything out there for proof? Maybe this article could help some?

nativity story

Historical Evidence: A Virgin Really Did Give Birth To Jesus

Maybe my asking for evidence is getting away from faith. Believing in what one cannot see. I just have on my heart all my unbelieving loved ones. Those who are so much more intellectual than I am. People who can reason Jesus out of existence. Those who can talk circles around my damaged brain. Maybe all I can do is pray for them, that God reaches them in a way they can accept it.

What do you think? How would you prepare to possibly work with Jesus to reach those who reason Jesus out of their lives?

nativity story
Joseph standing over Mary holding baby Jesus

nativity story Outside sources

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2 thoughts on “Is The Nativity Story True, What Evidence Is There?”

  1. I agree. I usually stay away from “proving” God is real. Most people I talk to can talk circles around me. I usually just live for Christ and let him speak for Himself. Right now I have an unbeliever trying to convince me I am delusional on one of my social media. So “proof” has crossed my mind. But even with him I avoid the conversation. I politely let him know I am happy with my so called delusion and pray for him. But I think of my family who know the Bible and reject it. How to talk to them? They are the highly intellectual ones, love to read. All I know to do is pray for them.

  2. Endless hours could be spent trying to prove or disprove the nativity story. I don’t think that’s the direction we need to go as believers. Two things they can’t argue with are our experience with Jesus and the way we treat them with respect. I have to ask myself if my heart is really for them, and for their soul, or is it so I can put another notch on the wall that “I won that argument.” If we have earned the right to speak by the way we live, then present them with the facts and let the Lord take if from there. Yes, the writers were human, and they told it from their perspective. It wouldn’t hurt to look into these things, but should probably point ultimately to the cross and their / our need for Jesus. My two cents worth.

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