value suffering

Is There A Way To Value Suffering In Our Lives

Value Suffering

Is There Such a Way?

In this chapter the Pharaoh that appreciated and valued Joseph and his people died. Also as God was with the Jews they flourished in Egypt. When they became so great in number the Egyptians became fearful of them. So, the current Pharaoh ordered them to do heavy labor, even to go so far as trying to kill the male babies. God was still with them, His promise still rang true. His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that there descendants would be as numerous as the stars was still true.

Do you see in this chapter alone how the Israelite hardship could have brought blessings? Their children became numerous, so much more than the Egyptian children. They had food, homes to live in, etc. Yes, they may have had to work very hard and been mistreated by the Egyptians, but God still provided for them.

value suffering
a man standing arms up in the air facing an empty cross. Words above him say I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Romans 8:18

What I love about the Bible is how God can give us hope for our own lives. We can see terrible suffering, people sinning some of what we consider the worst sins. But through it all God’s plan works out. God promised many generations to our forefathers, and we see that happening in Egypt. We need to learn to value suffering as a way to grow closer to the Lord.

I hope you understand that I am always praying for anyone who may visit my site. I may not know your name, or your situation. But, I am praying for you. Know that as we focus on God, learn about Him in His Word, open our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit God will bless you. It may not be blessings as the earth sees them to be. God works on the inside of us, more than the outward. So, stay strong in the Lord, there is a joy for you as the earth cannot understand. Learn to value suffering in your life.

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