together forever

Is Together Forever? What or Who Is Forever?

together forever

Is together forever? Are friends, for always? Is marriage, till the end? Is love, to the moon and back? No. No to all those questions. Together is not forever, friends are not for always, marriage is not till the end, love is not to the moon and back. Marriage can be broken, friends will leave you, love will be ended. People get distant, they mess you up, they play with your feelings like its a card game. But let me tell you something that will not fail. Jesus. OK ya I know you’ve probably heard this a thousand times. Jesus love never fails, he loves you forever, etc. But I’m telling you again and I hope you listen. Jesus DOES love you. it doesn’t matter what you do. In fact, we probably would have been in the crowd who were shouting to crucify him, and yet he still loves us. You. He is forever. While earthly things fail, (and yes, to the moon and back is still earthly), his love never fails. he is your biggest fan, every day of your life. He knows everything about you and still loves you. His love is unbreakable. Imagine that. That’s a kind of friend we all need. together forever outside sources

together forever
Jesus sitting in the wilderness over looking a city. Words say Jesus loves you

When Jesus Says ‘I Love You’

Does Jesus love me?

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