Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar and The Line of Judah

Jesus Christ Superstar

Came from the Line of Judah?

The scepter not departing from Judah until “he comes to whom it belongs” is a Messianic prophecy. The name “Shiloh” appears in this verse in several translations, a word that refers to the Messiah. Commentators differ on the exact meaning of this somewhat obscure passage, but all agree that He who comes to obtain the obedience of the nations can be none other than Christ. The rest of the passage, verses 11–12, refers to the great abundance of riches that would belong to the tribe of Judah. So wealthy and blessed would they be that they would be able to tie a donkey to the choicest grapevine and allow him to eat his fill, an indication of the abundance that would belong to Judah.

What should we learn from the tribe of Judah?
Jesus Christ Superstar
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Jesus Christ Superstar

Where would we be without Our Lord and Savior? God knew what He was doing, even before He formed the Earth. Long before the fall by Adam and Eve. He knew we would need a Savior. I find it so amazing how God shows His plans even before they are worked out. Jacob prophesied from his death bed about the coming Savior. We will see as we read more of the Bible who Jacob’s words come true.


Lord, I may not be knowledgeable, understand all things about you and the Bible. Actually I understand so very little. But, Lord, that is why I put your words in the video. I let them stand for themselves, and let you speak through me as I write about them. Lord, touch the one who is reading this right now. You teach them, not me. Holy Spirit guide them, heal them, provide for them. Help them to see and believe in our Loving Jesus Christ Superstar Savior! In Jesus’ name Amen

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