jesus is with us

Jesus Is With Us Now And Always

Jesus Is With Us

Even in Our Pain

The unity between us and God is beyond our full comprehension. It is beyond the unity of a husband and wife, so much more rich and full. Plus through this unity with Christ we are one with all other Christ Believers. It is through this unity we can come to understand how Christ suffers with us.

Jesus is With Us

It is true that God is in want for nothing. He is Sovereign, and whole. He is in control of everything good and bad on earth. We cannot take comfort in the thought that God would do something about our pain if He could. The truth is He could, but He has reasons for everything. We have learned a few of the reasons through these videos, but also need to acknowledge sometimes it is beyond our capability of understanding. We need to take comfort that He trusts us with these experiences and draw from Him to get through it.

Jesus is with us

But, just because God does not change what is happening, does not mean He is far from our pain. Jesus is right here. We are His Bride and He hurts when we hurt. Just as a spouse hurts when their spouse is hurt. It goes beyond that, Jesus is in us and He is experiencing the same pain as we are. So, when you have no where to turn to, go to God. Know He is right there going through each emotional turmoil with you.

Jesus Is With Us
a small boat on a turbulent ocean image of Jesus is over the boat. Words say Jesus….is there no matter what.

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  1. I like your approach on this. As one hymn says, “We are one in the bond of love.” Being in Christ makes all the difference.

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