Jesus still has scars

Jesus Still Has Scars in Heaven, So Will We

Jesus Still Has Scars

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.
SESSION 12 Wounds in Heaven
Jesus still has scars
image of Jesus allowing Doubting Thomas to feel his scars

Jesus still has scars

What stood out to me in this last video of this series was the scripture R. C. Sproul Jr. used in the text for this lesson. He focused on doubting Thomas touching Christ’s wounds even after His resurrection. How now we see these injuries of His as beautiful. Because it is those marks that are a symbol of how we become new people. It is The Lord’s sacrifice that gives the power to wash us white as snow.

Joyce Meyer – The Inner Life Sermon

Jesus still has scars

I would like to offer this video by Joyce Meyer to try to illustrate how our scars could be carried into heaven also. Joyce talks about how Christ never promised us an easy life. I would like to offer that it is through our suffering that our inner life, our souls grow close to Jesus. Have you ever really been motivated to work to change, or seek God to help you change when things are going well? As God works in us He makes those painful scars beautiful, just as Jesus’ scars are. God is shaping us through our struggles to be this beautiful person to spend eternity with Him.

Jesus still has scars

Now, Jesus is not in pain because of those scars now, and I believe when we get to eternity with Him our scars will not cause us pain either. They will be the beauty marks that says, yes with Christ I have endured, and He has conquered these demons of my soul. They will, and can be here on Earth evidence of God’s Glory because He did His miracle to heal them.

What do you all think? Will our scars still be with us in eternity? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments way below, or by writing me, or even better yet by joining our life group.

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