king of heaven

“King Of Heaven” by Paul Baloche

“King Of Heaven” by Paul Baloche

king of heaven
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“King of Heaven” by Paul Baloche is a worship song that was written in the year of 2012.

This song expresses so much feeling.

The first verse of the song goes “

Jesus let your Kingdom come here

Let your will be done here in us

Jesus, there is no one greater

You alone are Savior

Show the world Your love”

This song verse is inviting Jesus to come. We are inviting him into this world and proclaiming that he is the one and only Savior and we want him to show the world his great love.

The chorus goes

King of heaven come down
King of heaven come now
Let your glory reign
Shining like the day
King of heaven come

King of heaven rise up
Who can stand against us
You are strong to save
In your mighty name
King of heaven come

We are inviting Jesus to come down, we want him to come now. We want his glory to reign, shining like the day, King of Heaven come.

He is strong to save, in his mighty name, king of heaven come!

We are showing the world his great love!!

God commands us to show the world his great love.

We need to have a SACRIFICIAL love.

What does that exactly mean?

Jesus sacrificed his love for us, we need to be willing to sacrifice something for someone else.

Now, we are NOT going to sacrifice our bodies for someone else.

But we are going to sacrifice something else.

Whether it is makeup, phones, or something else, we need to sacrifice it for love.

So what are you going to sacrifice?

Is it your cell phone? Is it your makeup? Is it your television?

No matter what it is, we need to sacrifice it for love.

Be like Jesus, sacrifice something for love,

God loved you so much that he sent Jesus to be a living sacrifice.

So whatever you are going to sacrifice, let the sacrifice be for love.

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