Lies, Are All Lies The Same? What Does God Say? The World?


In this chapter once again Abraham and Sarah tell a half truth once again. It is true Sarah is Abraham’s half sister, but they do not share that she is also his wife. But, is this half truth still in the same category?


” ‘Half a truth is often a great lie.’ – Benjamin Franklin”

(Contorno, 2013)

How is Abraham’s half truth a great lie? What I see in both times that Abraham told this half truth about Sarah he was not trusting the Lord. He was afraid of being killed on account of Sarah’s beauty. 

How many times in life do we tell half truths? They seem ok as we call them white lies. We do not like how someone or something looks but we do not want to hurt someone’s feelings. Or, we do not feel good but are afraid to be honest, or just do not want to take the time to explain what is going on. So, we say we are doing ok, or well. 

Are these half truths, or as they are tended to be called white lies really all that bad? I mean look at Abraham God still used him, God still caused him to be greatly blessed. 

the word truth in black block letters. A hand holding a magnifying glass to the letter U and we can see little words “lies” making up the letters

I think it all lies in our motivation behind the lies. Plus how honest we are in confessing the truth. Abraham was just out to save himself, which to me is a very selfish act. Maybe he did think if Sarah was taken she would still live, and be taken care of. We do not know that for sure though. Abraham’s motivation would be preservation of life. But, ultimately he was not trusting God to preserve his life.

God understood this, as nothing is a surprise to Him. God know it would take time for Abraham to become the great father of faith that he is now. Just as God understands it takes time for us to trust Him too. Abraham did confess about his half truth, and with that confession God blessed him. Maybe God wants us to let Him search our hearts and confess what God shows us we need to tell the truth about. 

It is a process to become who God sees us as being. As long as we are continually striving to be all God needs us to be we are doing right by Him. He knows we will never be perfect in this broken world. He just wants us to continually be seeking Him to help us change.

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