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Important Person Monday

As promised! Life Church Online Staff interviews!

Today is Steven Roberts

What is it exactly you do at life church, what is your position?

Life Church Online has 82 services across three different platforms ( Life Church, Facebook, and YouTube). Over 270,000 people attend these services each week. I lead a volunteer team of nearly 400 people from around 40 countries that interact, via chat, with guests and pray for them during the services.

Can you share about you, something interesting?

My wife and four kids moved to Oklahoma from Florida to be a part of Life.Church where I now serve as the Host Team Pastor for Life.Church Online.

What lead you to work for Life Church?

I was a Youth Pastor in Florida for several years. I have a passion for reaching the world and helping people mature in their faith. A pastor friend of mine told me about Life.Church and I was excited about the mission and ministry of Life.Church Online.

What is one thing you would like to share that you learned from your years with Life Church?

I used to think you had to travel thousands of miles to reach people who’ve never heard of Jesus. Life.Church, specifically Church Online, has shown me that you can reach the world through technology and lead people to Christ in all sorts of ways.

What is one important thing you think Christians can do to help share Jesus in the world?

Social media has a big part in a lot of people’s lives. Simply sharing Bible verses, spiritual encouragement, or sermons on your social media feeds can open the door for conversation with a lot of people.

Can you share with us a funny story of your life with Life Church?

We once had a competition to invite people to volunteer with us. As an incentive, our Church Online Pastor, Alan George, agreed to get a pie in the face. We hit the goal! He got messy. 🙂

With that in mind, can you share an inspirational story?

A recent story I love is about Lina. She lives in New York and attended one of our services a few months. She ended up giving her life to Christ at the end of that service! The following week she came back and asked about how to give financially. The week after that she came back and asked how to volunteer and she now serves on that team each week! A few weeks after Lina started volunteering, a guest named Jean started attending. Jean is a Christian living in a Muslim region of the Philippines. Lina invited Jean to volunteer with her and now every week they serve together! Lina gave her life to Christ, started giving, volunteering, and inviting others at Church Online!

What is an average day like working for Life Church Online?

Our church is unique because it is online. That means a lot of my time is spent responding to emails from volunteer leaders or being on video calls with them or prospective volunteers from around the world. There are other staff members I work with and we collaborate on ways to help new volunteers get started and further develop leaders volunteering with us. I regularly make videos for volunteers for training or inspiration.

How have you and your family be blessed by serving and working with Life Church?

The leadership and mission of Life.Church inspires us. We left our family, the beach, and even Disney World back in Florida to come be a part of it.

How do you manage your family relationships and the demands of internet being 24/7?

Great question. This has been tricky. It seems there are seasons of really busy times and lighter times. The key is to communicate expectations of what kind of season it is and how we’ll navigate it together. We’ve been told that work/family balance is a myth, the key is to be all-in wherever you are: whether that’s with family or at work. I also try to reserve at least 1 day a week where I don’t do any work.

What boundaries do you need to have in place with all the social media and emails that inundate you from Life Church being so huge?

Turning off notifications on my phone has been very helpful. Even those red badges on the app icons I get rid of.

How do you keep God first with all the demands this job has on you?

Spending the first part of each day has been a key for me staying focused and more productive. I try to spend 30 minutes each morning with God. I break it down with 10 minutes of Bible reading, 10 minutes of prayer, and 10 minutes of reflective thought.

Spending the first part of each day has been a key for me staying focused and more productive. I try to spend 30 minutes each morning with God. I break it down with 10 minutes of Bible reading, 10 minutes of prayer, and 10 minutes of reflective thought.

My thoughts

I first met Steven when he was online life groups pastor. I lead a couple of life groups so he would be the one who trained me how to lead my groups. He was always encouraging and caring in all our interactions. How he is a pastor for the host teams and I being a host volunteer still look to him for training and encouragement. If you are ever interested in joining the community of life church, learning more about becoming involved with online ministry please reach out to me. I can help you get connected to these great minds!

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