Look at Christmas with a Biblical Worldview

I thought it would be interesting to use Biblical Worldview skills to look at how others celebrate Christmas. To do this we would take the truth of the Bible to determine what the celebrations show about they view Christmas. I know we are very early in the study, but I think we can do this. 


I thought the website by Little Miss Traveler would provide us some great material to evaluate a cultures worldview. She appears to visit many places that display their own way to celebrate Christmas. Now we know if we are Christians we believe Christ is the reason for Christmas. We are celebrating His birthday. Whether it happened on December 25th or not is a debate for another blog post. 

Today I would like to concentrate on Little Miss Traveler’s post Lotherton Hall Christmas Experience. while the experience had a lot of family friendly activities. Games and activities that parents and children could play with. Outside on the trail through the famous song the 12 days of Christmas. It  had drummer boys as full sized puppets, knock the 5 laying hens eggs down and more. (Little Miss Traveler)

Then there was the elf village which had a few cabins the children could explore. (Little Miss Traveler) Each cabin seemed to have activities that appealed to young minds the most. As most of these activities on the trails are outside the Lotherton experience dressed up its house too. Inside one could warm up while still taking in their Christmas celebrations. 

Biblical Worldview

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Little Miss Travelers post and would probably enjoy going to Lotherton. I also need to remember what is the truth I believe about Christmas and just how to evaluate this experience. I have to admit the experience is focused on family fun and bringing family together. That is central in Christianity too. The family unit, putting God first, mother father, then the children. 

The Lotherton experience would help build the family relationships. Would provide fond memories, fun activities to do together. If a Christian family were go to through the experience how could they stay true to their beliefs? I believe we should not shy away from such activities. As Christians we can help your children to learn other cultures and ideas. By doing this our children learn to understand the world but yet hold true to our beliefs. 

Christmas flowers around the words Jesus was God’s Christmas gift to a world. The only hope of Salvation.
Biblical Worldview

So, while I could delve deep into researching and learning the exact meaning of the 12 days of Christmas. I think I will leave that up to the reader. There is also the Elf Village which brings up Santa Claus. Christmas has become so commercialized maybe if we Christians took the time to learn where these traditions came from. We could then  also use such traditions while holding true to the birth of Christ. We could embrace the fun and family bonding times they offer but also integrating with it the story of Christ. 

God wants us to meet people where they are at, not lecture them, but embrace people and their beliefs. We are to learn a firm foundation of what we believe so Jesus can work through us. As we celebrate Christmas think about inviting someone over that may not believe the same. Try to learn how they celebrate Christmas. Bring in some of their traditions to include with the Christian traditions. People may not feel like we are shunning everything that is not all about Christ, but we are welcoming others ideas too. In that was we can help Jesus open the door for them to evaluate and learn about our traditions. 

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