lord purify me

Lord Purify Me Make Me More Like Jesus!

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.
SESSION 8 Being Like Jesus

Lord Purify Me

Make Me More Like Jesus

In all the videos that we have watched in this series I believe this one sums up the firsts ones well. All the reasons R.C. Sproul Jr. talked about is God drawing us closer to Him, to be more like Him, to be people who He knows we need to be. But, is our becoming more like Jesus important enough to us? Are we able to go through our suffering with God’s joy?

For me that is a scary thought. To be ok with the struggles and pain. R.C. Sproul Jr. quotes from the book of James Chapter 1:2. “Count it all joy to suffer.” What is joy? Happiness. To me true joy in the Lord is beyond happiness. Further on James talks about how we are to mourn, sad and on. So this joy he talks about when suffering cannot be just happiness. I believe as R.C. Sproul Jr. states it is being so grateful that God allows us to suffer so we CAN be more like Jesus.

Lord Purify Me

lord purify me
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God must love us so much that He wants us to be with Him, with Jesus. He wants us to be purified so that we can have better lives. I know if I did not go through all the trials in my life I would not be here writing you. I would not be able to love others as Jesus loves. Through what God has me doing He gives me peace, and joy knowing that He is getting the glory. If having peace and joy in my struggles is the result of them. Then Lord Purify Me over and over and over.

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