men and women equality

Men and Women Equality in The Bible

Men and Women Equality in The Bible

men and women equality

In the chapters I have ready so far I see the inequality between gentlemen and ladies. Abraham told Sarah to tell two different Pharaohs she is his sister to save himself and not much thought of her. Now we come to the story of Isaac and Rebekah. It was the men in the family that decided if she could go or not, only thing she could decide is when she leaves. God allows us to learn from the past about men and women equality

I think the lower rank of females in society stems from the fall of Adam. Where God appointed Adam to care for Eve. To be the provider. Man in their own ways took it to extreme as the years went on. Females are were worth nothing without a man. They could not own property, make a living, none of that.

Despite man’s ways God’s plan always works out. In God’s eyes men and female equality was not in question. Both are equal in His eyes. It is the flesh that puts one over the other. Even though man thought women could not make major life choices God used that to bring about His promise of many descendants for Abraham. Just as He will use our failings to bring about His plan for our lives. It is all to bring Him glory. 

men and women equality
men and women equality

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