morning devotions

Morning Devotions for A Christ Follower

Morning Devotions

 I have a good friend that is a retired Pastor named Bruce Turner. He is now a volunteer for Life Church Online hosting the YouTube Live Sunday Morning Experience and Life Group  Leader on Saturday evenings. Plus he is an Uber and Lyft driver. But what I would like to talk about today is his morning devotions

morning devotions
someone sitting outside reading a book
morning devotions

For 6 mornings a week Bruce records and publishes a Christian Morning Devotion called Morning Manna. 

Many find inspiration and direction from his smooth, relaxing podcast. He is a tech guru who talks about living a Christian life in todays world. Sometimes even shares some of his experiences as an Uber driver. 

Morning devotions

Please consider giving him a chance to help you start your day out right. Let him know how much you appreciate what he does and let him know how you found him. 

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