character defects

My Character Defects Are Bringing About God’s Purpose

Character Defects

The past couple of days I have had a few experiences of the Holy Spirit prompting me, or should I say very strong nudging. It is hard to explain when He is strongly moving in you. First I talked to God about my bariatric surgery. Asking how I could use that experience to serve God. Then The Holy Spirit answered that question He lit a fire for more information in me. Let me explain more about this experience.

When I was submitting to God that I knew only He could bring about the bariatric surgery and how I knew He would make it happen. The Holy Spirit was nudging me to ask Him how I could help others see Him through the experience. How I could live out God’s purpose through the very hard and painful process of changing my life. I started getting thoughts of how I would be in meetings with other patients, doctors, therapists, counselors etc. In these meetings people would be asked to sign paperwork. I was nudged to find pens had scripture or some kind of Christian symbol and scripture bookmarks. So, if someone did not have a pen I could bring one out and also say hey and here is a bookmark too!

But, my character defects started to get in the way. I began to doubt I was really hearing from God to make these purchases. What if ultimately I was denied the surgery and then I have these pens and book marks and no one to give them out to? What if I am just thinking this and planning it on my own? Is this really how God wants me to spend the little money we get? I decided that I would sleep on it. See how I feel and think in the morning.

This indecisiveness did not hinder God at all! I woke up in the morning with a rush, almost a high. I went to Amazon where I found the pens and bookmarks, oh and a bag with scripture on it so I can carry my Bible everywhere I go. I made the purchase and felt so good about it. Even excited. Then I got this hunger to dig into God’s word, to use highlighters and journals to really break it down to where I truly understand it.

I went to YouVersion Bible App online to start reading year through the Bible plan. I love YouVersion, it is developed by Life Church, but it did not seem to do what I felt God prompting me. Thoughts of actual Bible highlighters, a physical Bible and journals started coming to mind. Back to Amazon I went. In search of these items. What I was sensing would be to highlight verses in the Bible several different colors. A color for God’s promises, one color for His commands, a color for human responsibility and so on. I would highlight the verse what ever color fits, then in the journal I would write a description for that verse. Color coordinating it all.

Character Defects

Here is some pictures of some of the purchases I made:

The journals pictured here are not the only ones I purchased. I have two more coming, I will use one for my medical notes, the other one will be another Bible study. Now! On to the exciting news!!!!!!!!!

The next day after purchasing all this, my referral for bariatric surgery has been authorized! This is huge. I have been fighting for some real help for so many years. But, God knew and His timing is always perfect. All my character defects has lead to this. I know the surgery is not a magic pill. It will be painful, and emotionally hard to make the life changes. But this struggle I will do it with the Lord’s help instead of on my own. I will live God’s purpose for my life through this next journey.

What about you? Do you see how God is leading you to do something that is hard, but could result in wonderful blessings. He could use for His purpose for our world?

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2 thoughts on “My Character Defects Are Bringing About God’s Purpose”

  1. Thanks! Yes I am feeling the Joy that only God can give in the face of tough times. I am excited, but I know its going to be some of my hardest things I do in life. But, I know if I fully do what He is showing me. He and I will be successful!

  2. PastorJohn Day

    Cool leading and good job following. When the Lord keeps pressing in to us to get something done, we are not happy until we act on it. God is faithful to lead, and then to lead again, and then to keep leading. God is faithful. Thanks for the reminder and for being open and honest. Good job.

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