bariatric surgery

My Reasons for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

I wake up every morning now and think pinch me, is this real?! For so long I have battled my health issues. My knees deteriorating daily, my depression getting worse, etc. Now, finally I feel like there is hope! I will not be stuck here sitting at home anymore. As the pain in my knees decreased the time I spend outside and increased time on the internet. There are new open doors for me to explore. Doors that only God could have opened. Bariatric surgery is in my future!

This surgery is just one step to my dreams being fulfilled. As I learn how to live for God by having everyday faith, my dreams are starting to match His. The damage my character defects have caused in my body are finally being recognized and given real solutions. God is like that, He provides a way for us to fix the problems we cause. Only because God is faithful to those who believe and love Him.

My health issues that make bariatric surgery necessary

A few years ago I had a doctor mention that I am diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome. This is common in females who are overweight and makes it harder to lose the weight. Many times those with PCOS have too much male hormones. That maybe why I have a very deep and loud voice and can grow a beard that could shame some men! Now, recently I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome x. This is a new one to me, but I guess it means my body does not metabolize calories correctly. Then add to it my knees which this all makes the surgery a necessity for me.

If my BMI was below 40 I would need comorbidities in order to qualify for the surgery. Of which PCOS and metabolic syndrome are not listed. I feel they should be though. While arthritis in weight bearing joints is a co-morbid qualifier. So, just the fact that I am getting the surgery is evidence that God is faithful.

When reading a blog article by Dr M N Saravanan called The Perils of Obesity helps motivate me to do the surgery. He outlines the reasons, problems, and solutions to obesity. In the problems he lists all three of my diagnosis. Which is why I am so big now. I promise I tried many fad diets and still I grow bigger around. It was not until NOOM and the med Metformin that things started to turn around.

Bariatric surgery
An info gram Small circle on the left remaining obese 2nd leading cause of premature death. Big circle in the middle drawing of obese person labeled risk comparison. Small circle on the right surgery 99.9 % survival.

Bariatric surgery

Thing is, in order to lose weight with NOOM I had to be able to aggressively exercise. Which meant using my knees beyond what they can handle. I could only do that with my cortisone shots taking the pain away. That lasted for like 2 months then I had to go in and get more. The problem with the shots is they break down the tissue inside the joint, so eventually the shot will cause more damage. That means I can only do so many shots before my knees are worthless to me. There is no way I could lose over 100 lbs with only 2 months of no pain at a time! Not before the shots thoroughly destroy my knees.

With bariatric surgery my body will no longer be fighting against me. The smaller stomach will mean I absorb fewer calories. I will not have to do the aggressive exercising, just as long as I move every day I will lose weight. Yes, I know God could work a wonderful miracle and fix all my health issues without the surgery. But, also God knows what we need to experience and learn. He knows the healing we need and how it needs to happen. That is why I believe the promises of God are being fulfilled through this surgery. I am alive today only because God is faithful in carrying through with His plan for the world.

Bariatric surgery
Another info graphic basically saying: after rerouting intestine results are reduced hunger and weightloss. Separate top portion of small intestine from bottom portion to the smaller stomach pouch. Attach the loose end of the top portion of the small intestine to the bottom of the “roux limb”. This allows the digestive juices produced by the stomach to “meet up” with the food in the intestines.

As I study His word, pray, and listen to His Spirit my dreams are becoming His dream. That many can experience His love, hope, strength and ultimately Joy. So, my dreams are being fulfilled by our faithful and loving Abba Daddy!

Do you want to see your dreams fulfilled? It is all in the Bible! Learn how to match your dreams with His and you too can find the Joy that I have found.

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