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My Weight Loss Journey Journal and Featuring a Fellow Blogger

My Weight Loss Journey Journal

This week has been wonderful. Between NOOM and Fitbit they both kept me on track. I know I need to do this, I need to be healthier. God has plans for me and my family and I need to do my part. What I have been doing is getting as much walking in every hour and monitoring my calories daily. NOOM has me eating less than 1600 calories a day. So far the results are that I lost about 8 pounds. But this will not show on my weight loss profile in our community.

Profile in our community? Huh? What? Yes, I added a front in login for those who would like to join me. Once you sign in you should be directed to a page that you look to the left menu you will see weight loss tracker. For ever 5 or 10 pounds you lose you will earn a badge reward. Plus if you answer the questions I send out when you sign up for membership you could blog your weight loss journey journal on this site.

weight loss journey Journal

weight loss journey journal
drawing of a woman overweight and foods she eats on one side. On other side is same woman at healthy weight and foods she eats now.

We can make this fun, add groups, challenges, games as we all encourage each other to health. I am up for any ideas you could have. Maybe share healthy recipes, or ways to eat healthy when cannot cook, or how to get exercise in when busy or in a lot of pain. The ideas are endless and I would love to hear them all.

My goal is to be as open and honest about my journey as this blogger is:

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