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NOOM Diet and What I Think of It


For so many years I have tried so many ways to lose weight. Everything failing me, or I failed at everything. Between my depression, lack of motivation, low self esteem, and just all out not thinking it is worth it. I just kept gaining weight. Always blaming it is my knees fault. When in all reality it was my fault. Now comes the NOOM Diet.

NOOM Diet is more than just a diet. They provide motivation. They give you facts and figures as to why it is hard to lose weight. How our hormones, fight against us. They are truthful and let us know it will not be an easy slide down the scale. We are told to find other ways to measure our success than the number on the scale. All this to change our thinking and relationship with food and our health.

I am 5 weeks into my NOOM Diet and I lost a whopping 20 lbs. But over the weekend it was 4 of my adult children’s birthday. I took a break for it. I gained back about 10 lbs. I know though that if I could lose those 20 lbs I can keep going down even more. NOOM keeps me motivated with daily readings, a goal coach and a group. I log every meal and have a calorie limit. It tracks my exercise through my Fitbit. (that is when I am wearing my Fitbit hehe) I tend to take it off because when I am crocheting it counts each stitch as a step! Um, skew my numbers much?

noom diet
Some healthy food

Through NOOM and their daily readings I learn how to eat and be with people eating my trigger foods. They recommend that I do not do what the crowd does, but be proud of doing something healthy for me. That is ok to stand out and be different, that I am thinking and caring for me. This is a different sort of diet, this is a whole new way of thinking.

I would like to offer up another bloggers story about NOOM Diet. What her thoughts are on it. MY NOOM LIFE

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