Of The World or In The World

Of The World or In The World, What Does The Lord Say?

Of the world or in the world

In this chapter, God repeats several times how Abraham is to circumcise himself and those with him. Where God is speaking of men circumcising themselves in flesh, could there be another meaning for this? Could it have anything to do with being of the world or in the world

I think it does. God is calling Abraham and those with him to cut a very sensitive part of their body. A part that women do not possess. In Abraham’s day, society was all about man, his ability to reproduce and carry on their bloodline. This cut would represent cutting off worldly thoughts of this gift from God, but to focus in towards God. It is a reminder to them, (a painful one at that) that God gives all.

Of The World or In The World

So, what does this have to do with being of His creation or in the Earth? God calls us to be in this reality not of this existence . What I mean is that we are made in this realm, we have flesh and flesh desires. But, we are not to be of this reality by living by this universe standards. Just as it was very painful for men of Abraham to circumcise themselves, we are to circumcise our hearts. Give our hearts to our Lord, not to this existance.

In the world or of the world?
of our world

Act of circumcising our hearts can be a very painful one. Everything we know, everything we understand is of this Earth. One needs to admit we are Adam and Eve’s, children. We are born with their desires to have everything we can get, all knowledge available to us that this reality has to offer. More we know, more we have happier we will be. But is this really true?

As I talked about in my article this Monday about Nelson Mandela people in poorer countries tend to be closer to God, and happier for it. I see this as evidence that God does not want us to hold our possessions too closely. We cannot serve two masters, flesh and our Lord.

Of The World or In The World
a candle lit handing on a wall with a sign above it saying Jesus the light of world
Am I in the world or of the world
Of our world

I must admit, I am more of our reality than just in it. I like comforts of home and cannot imagine how I would survive without them. I tend to worry too much about richer community issues. Even though I have electronics galore I still tend to worry about how to feed my family. I do not truly know what it is like to have nothing. No possessions.

With that being said. I pray that I am using these possessions wisely. Using them to spread God’s glory to others. That is why I am doing my blog, why I closely monitor what my electronics are used for. I am trying to have an eternity mindset when it comes to my possessions. 

Are you in the world or of the world

What about you. Look around you. Imagine that our infrastructure was hacked. That we lost all our power and internet? Do you know how you would survive? Do we really know how to serve our Lord without all this? Thinking this way are you truly using your possessions with an eternity mindset?

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