Finding God Community is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Contact us at if you have any questions or problems regarding the use of your Personal Data and we will gladly assist you. Remember this is a private individuals website.

Privacy Policy Tools For Users Convenience

Privacy Policy Tools

Use this to access all your data saved to Finding God Community website. You have the choice to leave it or delete in its entirety. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Katiedash. Several ways to reach out is to popup form, to email, or to use one of my many social media profiles.

Try to remember though that this site is regulated and maintained by one private individual. I will do my best to help you. I strive to maintain a safe and easy to access site. A site that God can use to lead others to Him. I am always learning how to manage this site, so if I do not know something I will try to find the answers somewhere.

privacy policy tools
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Privacy Policy Tools

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