reach out and read

Reach Out and Read Maybe We Could Support Each Other

reach out and read

Let me admit something today. I have had a hard time this week. Though things have been going well in my marriage the last few weeks, suddenly, for no reason that I can see, my husband has been bitter, grumpy, and cross the last few days, ever since Christmas Eve.  It was a real shocker! I thought things were going so well. Then, there have been issues with coworkers. I am rereading “Approval Addiction” by Joyce Meyer because once again. I find I need it because obviously, I have not mastered this problem of needing people’s approval. I read a devotion today. It said that Satan wants me to isolate. But when you reach out, you help others. How many reading this may be suffering in silence? So I thank God for the ability to stand up, step out, and say, “You’re not alone!”  I thank God I have people I can go to and say, “Pray for me!”

reach out and read

And you know what? Jesus’ parable about the  unsaved; it’s about us. If you feel lost, exhausted, and alone, He will come looking for you! Are you feeling lost and alone today, even surrounded by people? Know that I am there too. Let’s defeat Satan right now. Let’s connect. Please comment or contact me on the site. Let’s not be silent. Let’s not isolate. Let’s stand strong in God and together. Let us hold up each other in faith when we don’t have the strength or faith to go on.  That’s what God designed! Amen and amen!

reach out and read
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reach out and read

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  1. we are called to “bear one another’s burdens,” and so fulfill the law of Christ. We need to be alone sometimes, but we do not need a lifestyle of isolation.

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