Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct

Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct Even in The Bible

Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct

We see in this part of Jacob’s story a typical reaction of a family to their female relative being violated. It is a good example of how revenge is bittersweet basic human instinct. It was not Jacob who did drastic things because of his daughter’s disgrace. It was Dinah’s brothers. The most respected man, the prince of the Canaanites violated their sister. But from what I see Dinah would have been ok if her brothers just left things alone. The prince or Hamar convinced Dinah to love him. She willingly married him. But, out of anger they upset her by killing her now husband. It was all about them and what seemed right to them.

Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct

Sexual deviancy is a serious sin in our eyes. But I learned a great example of how God looks at sin from our Biblical Worldview study. Let’s consider the deepest valley in the world, below sea level valley. Then picture the highest mountain peak and land that is in between the two. The worst sinner, a person who did the most meanest crime out there is the deepest valley. The highest mountain peak would be the perfect person who never sinned. The land between the two would be a person who tells white lies and such but over all just a general good person. Now consider God, how He looks down at Earth. Imagine His view is from the moon. We have all see pictures from space looking at Earth. Everything appears to be the same level. You do not see the valleys or mountains. Well that is the way sin looks to the most perfect God. To us we can see the levels, but to God who is no sin sees it all as one level.

Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct

revenge is bittersweet basic human instinct
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Considering how God sees sin how can we think any differently? I know punishment needs to fit the crime. One would not end up in jail for a white lie. But, beyond letting the judicial system take care of the punishment for the worst crimes why do need to take revenge? I see from today’s reading it is a basic human instinct to try to get back some dignity with revenge. To hurt others how they hurt us. Those who are hurt want to make others hurt too. Pain loves company. Thing we need to consider is if revenge is what God wants us to do?

19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say,
“I will take revenge;
    I will pay them back,”[a]
    says the Lord.

Romans 12:19 New Living Translation (NLT)

Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct

What I understand from this verse is that God will take care of the issue, the sin. So, by our taking revenge are we trusting God to bring justice? Or, are we once again trying to take control of the situation? This also brings up the facts that God tells us to love our enemies, to forgive as He has forgiven us. I know for sins like rape, murder forgiveness is hard to come by. As far as it comes to the sexual crimes that seem to be some of the worst crimes on earth. Forgiveness brings much peace. I know this personally as I had to come to terms with it in my own life. Yes have safe boundaries set up to protect yourself, report the crime, but do not hold on to the bitterness and hurt. As long as that pain is in you, it will always haunt you, your offender will continue to hurt you because you allow him to rob you of your joy.

Forgiveness is not easy. For me it took many years with my counselor to work through all the sexual sin that happened to me. If you have been hurt healing can be done with God’s power. You can gain back your dignity, your peace, your joy. He is there for you, just keep reaching out and talking to Him and others you trust about it. Write about your experience, cry, scream, feel the feelings. Release them to God. He will show you the way back to His joy.

Revenge is Bittersweet Basic Human Instinct

If you need a listening ear, someone to pray with you. I am here. Consider reading my testimony that I post on Fridays. See if you can relate to anything in my life story. Know I understand, I have been in some very tough places and had God lift me out. I am still in tough circumstances, I still struggle with giving it all to God. I still want to control some things in my life. But, I do see how far God has gotten me by my giving up control in many areas of my life. By giving Him my pain and letting Him show me how to forgive. I can listen and let God speak through me into your situation, that is if He gives me anything for you. I can pray with you if nothing else. Just reach out I am here.

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