right from the start

Right from the start of my time on WordPress

Right from the start

Pastor Matthew Winters started following my blog right from the start of my time on WordPress. He is still out there reading and liking our stuff. I would like to show him some appreciation by promoting his blog to you! This link will take you to his about page. via About

If I would go to a physical church I would want to attend a church like his. He focuses on supporting people to be overcomers of life burdens. I know many in this community long to become overcomers.

Right from the start of my blogging God put on my heart to blog in a community. God brought that about as I did the work He called me to. Pastor Matthew was in the background the whole time. I so appreciate him staying around. Now that the site is doing better on the search engines, now that it is growing I am being hit here at home more. Now that my husband and I are giving things up to the Lord and seeking help. I am being hit.

right from the start
White tape on grass spelling out start word

I am feeling very sick. Praying it is not my liver. See I thought I was healthy enough to handle the toxins that are in our water right now. The state put our city under water advisory for those with weak immune systems and such. I am fairly healthy. But, just lately I have been extra tired, and sick to my stomach. I researched symptoms from the toxins, they said anyone with unhealthy liver or kidneys should not drink the water! Ugh, if I would have known that first off! I do have fatty liver.

On top of it my daughter does not work in the summer. So, the site is doing better, the community is growing. Satan is hitting us more. Right from the start, God called me to this, and I will carry through with this as long as God keeps providing. I am just here asking for prayer warriors, for health and financial protection!


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