sacrifice children and family

Sacrifice Children and Family For The Lord

Children and Family

This part of Joseph’s story his brothers had traveled back home just to run out of food again. Their father was reluctant to send any of his children back for fear of losing them. But, when it became evident that he had no choice he trusted God with them. He was willing to sacrifice children and family to support his people.

children and family
Paper cut outs of mom, dad, sister, brother

sacrifice children and family

In order for you to survive, to get your basic human needs met. Would you be willing to give up your children? How hard that must have been for Jacob to let all his children go to Egypt. In his eyes he had already lost Joseph, and had one son in prison. Now to get food for his people he had to send away the rest of his children. To be honest I am not sure what I would have done in Jacob’s position.

God wants everything, He wants to be the most important in our lives. Above our spouses and our children. We can see in Abraham’s life and now Jacob’s that He tests us. To see if He really is first and foremost. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son as a burnt offering. Just as Abraham was about to kill his son God stopped him. He is not interested in the sacrifice He is interested in our obedience and being first in our lives.

sacrifice children and family

Have you truly put God first in your life? If He asked you to do as Abraham and Jacob were asked could you do it? As we see in the Bible He never allowed their children to be fatally harmed. He needed to see just where the fathers hearts were. Where is your heart today? Are you able to trust Him even when children and family are suffering? Could you allow Him to have your children?

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