Saying goodbye to a friend

Saying Goodbye to a Friend and Family Member

Saying Goodbye to a Friend
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Nobody wants to think about it, death. We live life as if we are going to live forever. Our concerns are forever on how to make it each day. Never on how we can make it after death, where we will go. That is until we have to be saying goodbye to a friend

Saying goodbye to a friend

Right now, death is on my mind a lot. After having lost my dear mentor, my father in law, Uncle and Aunt, the finality of life is ever present. With my belief in God, I wonder who I will see again and who I won’t. The guilt of not doing all I can to help the relationship, to help those who are gone to see the love and joy of the Lord. The comfort of knowing the ones who accepted and loved Christ I will see again. 

But, I need to remember. Christ says there is no condemnation for those who trust and believe in Christ. So, I give my guilt to God. I bear all to Him. I let Him heal me as I grieve those I will never see again in this lifetime. I pray and support the family I can affect with my presence. I pray for the family I cannot directly help and support. 

Saying goodbye to a friend

I would like to offer up a few Ted Talks on death. Maybe spark some conversation in yourself, with those around you, or here. What are your thoughts on healing when loved ones pass, on your own death, where will you go? 

This first one is how a family shares how they dealt with the death of their child. Helping others experience the tragedy and the emotions that go with it. 

This one just about had me in tears. Her premise is loss happens, we need to let it, feel it, experience it, heal from it. 

This last one is how to help the living now, through the death of a loved one. Through your own death. What are your thoughts on tissue and organ donations?

Saying goodbye to a friend
saying goodbye to a friend
Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you…until we meet again. Background is a field with a butterfly

I pray that these talks help you process death and saying goodbye. None of us gets through life without facing death. It is something that crosses all barriers. Please reach out to others to help in the process of healing, or facing your own inevitability. 

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