sickness and health

Sickness and Health Are You Able To Be Grateful For Both

Sickness and Health

As I deal with this kidney stone and whatever else is going on with my body. I wonder am I truly grateful for the suffering I am experiencing? I hate pain, with a passion I hate pain. If you could have seen me in the Emergency Room it would be surprised this calm collected woman who writes these posts could be such trouble. Screaming, demanding, scared Katie driving the nurses and patients crazy. I think some of that might stem from my PTSD. So, just how do I, how do we become grateful in both sickness and health?

I think the key should be God. Knowing God is there through it all with us. That no matter the pain, and no matter the good times He loves us. When we are hurting, and in pain, it is time to look around us. Look for those Easter eggs in our lives.

Let me list some of the things going on around me that are Easter eggs in my suffering.

sickness and health
drawing of two women first one her caption says healthy. Inside her is shows a smiling face. Next woman her caption says unhealthy and inside her shows a frowning face.

Sickness and health

  1. My husband is here taking care of me
    1. My shower broke, and my fridge died
      1. it is so good to have a honey to make a honey do list for!
  2. I have a doctor and transportation to see him
  3. I have pain pills to help me deal with the pain
  4. I have friends who pray for me
  5. I Have kids who worry and care for me
  6. Most of all I have a healing God

Sickness and health?

Are you suffering today? Are you hurting today? Do you think making a list of blessings could help you get through your day? Share with me here, share with others so we can pray for each other.

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