steal away

“Steal Away” Cause “There’s No Hiding Place”

Steal Away” because “There’s No Hiding Place”

Steal Away

This week’s writing is going to take a different twist, a different turn from the last three weeks. Today we will look at the two songs above and talk about how we find our security and safety in Christ. What we’re talking about here is using spirituals as a springboard for worship, and about worship in the black church. 

These two songs, “Steal Away” and “No Hiding Place” are of the spirituals, sometimes called “negro spirituals.” I don’t know who is reading this, but I would say that very few churches do spirituals anymore. And yet there is so much meaning and depth of emotion in spirituals. The words below talk about being ready to meet God. If you are ready to meet God, you can relate. “Steal Away is from the believer’s point of view, while “No Hiding Place” is from a regretful sinner’s perspective.
(Links to the songs are below)

from The Books of American Negro Spirituals
by J. W. Johnson, J. R. Johnson

steal away
view of the ocean beach with words Steal You Away

Steal away, steal away, steal away to Jesus
Steal away, steal away home
I ain’t got long to stay here

My Lord, He calls me
He calls me by the thunder
The trumpet sounds within-a my soul
I ain’t got long to stay here

Green trees are bending
Po’ sinner stand a-trembling
The trumpet sounds within-a my
I ain’t got long to stay here.”


There’s no hiding place down here,
There’s no hiding place down here,
Oh I ran to the rock to hide my face
The rock cried out,
“”No hiding place“”
No hiding place down here.

The rock cried out, “I’m burning, too.”
The rock cried out, “I’m burning, too.”
Oh the rock cried out, “I’m burning, too
I want to go to Heaven the same as you.”
There’s no hiding place down here.

Sinner man he stumbled and he fell,
Sinner man he stumbled and he fell.
Oh, the sinner man stumbled and he fell
Wanted to go to Heaven but he had to go to … Hell,
There’s no hiding place down here.
(Content slightly edited.)

This song is based on Revelation 6:15-17, which tells of the futility of human attempts to hide from the wrath of God in mountains and rocks.

In our worship, let us sing of the security of a relationship with Christ, and may our worship music and preaching lead people to repent.

Pastor John

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