stress and relationships

Stress and Relationships, Do They Help or Hinder?

Stress and Relationships

Are relationships helpful?

According to Henry Cloud relationships with people helps combat strain we face in life. I can see this as beneficial as it is so helpful to talk things out, get it off our chests, and to encourage each other. Often it is the relationships that is the cause of the strain. Do we avoid the people who are causing the conflict in our lives then? Cut them out of our lives? What do you think?

I know I have spent a lot of time cutting people out of my life because I just could not deal with the emotions that come with the relationship. What about when the Bible says to love everyone? To take the Gospel to the world? How do we minister to those who we have conflict with? But, the Bible also says to avoid people so as they do not pull us to sin. So, what is the answer to all these questions?

stress and relationships

I came across an excellent article on the site The Gospel Coalition, “Avoiding Difficult People Is Not Christlike Love.” It explains all these questions and more. I would encourage you to read it and reflect on how God wants you to live in your relationships.

stress and relationships
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Some questions to reflect on from the article that can help with stress and relationships are:

We should ask ourselves:

  1. Am I self-aware enough to make this decision? Could I be at all responsible for some of the difficulty I’m sensing in this relationship?
  2. Does this person entice me to sin in a way that I can’t healthily address while remaining in proximity to him/her?
  3. Is there a way to maintain this relationship in order to minister to this person while also withdrawing some of my intimacy?
  4. Am I considering this relationship as something that should bless me instead of asking how I can first be a blessing?

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