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TBI Symptoms Long Term Effects On My and My Families Life

TBI Symptoms Long Term Effects

For today’s important person featured blog post I thought I would find someone writing about their own tbi (traumatic brain injury). I was quit impressed with this post written about a year ago by @brokenbutbrilliant blogger. It appears that Broken but Brilliant hurt themselves 14 years before this article. So they have a few years of recovery under their belt. In my experience 10 years after a brain injury is when things really finally start to turn around.

Why I say that is because 10 years after my brain injury I seemed to come out of the so called “fog” of not able to think or function well. With my husband 10 years later was when I started to see significant progress. Now with Broken but brilliant according to the article above he is able to think better and it is 14 years later. Tbi symptoms 30 years later is close to where I am at. I will share more about what is going on with me in a bit.

Tbi Symptoms long term effects

Traumatic brain Injuries are serious. No matter if it is a concussion, or one that causes a long term coma. Your brain is your computer that runs your body, basically your whole life. It gets injured, it is like a computer, it will not function well. It changes your whole life, even affects how you relate to those close to you. Some tbi symptoms years later are still significant but the person has had a chance to find their new normal in life. Hopefully, with a lot of therapy and support from others close to them.

Some traumatic brain injury signs and symptoms I noticed in my and my husbands life are:

TBI Symptoms Long Term Effects
I and my husband
  • Impulsive
    • seeing something and buying it on the spot not able to think of the consequences
    • Blurting out anything and everything that we are thinking for the whole world to hear
    • making major life decisions with no thought about consequences etc.
  • Planning/problem solving
    • being impulsive makes this hard, our brains have trouble thinking that far ahead
    • I come up with a plan, but then in the heat of the day, forget to use the plan
    • My husband also he will agree to a plan, but forget to use it
  • Memory
    • For me it is my long term memory I do not remember my childhood, or even a lot of my own children’s childhood
      • This causes problems in relationships from back then because we do not have the shared fond memories that connects us
    • For my husband it is short term memory he does not remember things day to day, minute to minute
      • This causes problems with when he says he will do something he forgets he said it
      • He uses his phone for alarms to remind him of things regularly
  • Body issues
    • This effects my husband more
      • ataxia (from what I understand it makes his body shake or tremors)
        • He cannot write or type well
      • eyes
        • his right eye pupil is consistently dilated
        • One eye does not move with the other eye
          • This all causes double vision and depth perception problems
      • Paralysis
        • His left arm was paralyzed when he was first hurt they gave him a botox shot and he can use it now but still is somewhat limited mobility.
      • Walking
        • he has his double vision, and his ataxia; he looses his balance regularly
      • Speech impediment/talking
        • My husband has trouble remembering what he was going to say or getting to the words to express what he wants to say
        • His speech pattern is slower and even more garbled as he gets tired
        • I sometimes, without thinking say words when I think I said a different one.
          • I only notice I said a wrong word when people look at me strange because what I said did not make sense. (yes my kids have learned to laugh with me about this)

TBI Symptoms Long Term Effects

These tbi symptoms are still affecting us years later. I myself am 29 years after my injury my husband is about 21 years. We learned how to cope with it all. God does find help every time need. If it was not for that I am not sure where he and I would be. Over the years all these symptoms lead both of us to consequences beyond our ability to handle. If you are one who is dealing with a brain injury know God sees you. He will get you help when you need it. Just keep turning to Him. If you need to talk, or if I could help in any way I am here.

Please do follow as I spell out how God is using all this to help bring about His plan. He has a plan for you and your experiences too.

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  1. Thanks! This and more. I did not list the emotional effects. Others have more physical issues. Some could never live on their own. It all depends on the part of the brain that was injured.

  2. I had no idea all this was involved with TBI. May you and I continue to be an example of grace.

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