terrific tuesday

Terrific Tuesday! Tuesday Becomes Monday After a Three Day Weekend!

Terrific Tuesday!

This weeks Monday

Good morning! What a wonderful day it is! Here in America we get to enjoy the freedoms that were won by our veterans. I hope all took some time out this past weekend to honor our fallen heroes. But, what will we do with our hard won freedoms is what matters. There are so many opinions on how to make America better and I am not one to say what is right and what is wrong. But, I do know the one who can direct us what is right.

I have a challenge for you all, if you would like to take it with me. Starting today I challenge you all to find a Bible in a year to read. Right now I am using a Youversion Reading plan Chronological. I am currently on day 17 of the plan. If you would like to join me in this challenge we could talk about it on our Face Book Fan page. Maybe if enough people would like to join in I could start a Face Book group.

terrific tuesday
Terrific Tuesday sign

Terrific Tuesday

I believe in order to have the strength and wisdom to know how to live from here on out starts with God. How else are we going to know how to do that if we do not read His word and talk to Him? If you have any ideas on how to get to know our Heavenly Father I would love to hear them. You can always reach out to me by using the FaceBook Messenger on our site. We all can let God use our talents to teach each other. He has a plan for you and maybe it is to help me and others understand how to help our Country be His country.

Terrific Tuesday Outside sources

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