thank God 6

Thank God, Because Things Are Not always What they Seem

thank God 6
Saint Paul

Did you ever read the Scripture verse where Paul says we should thank God for everything? Yes, *For* everything, not just *in* everything. Well, now I have an idea what that might be. 

Thank God?!

I was watching a movie with my husband. In this movie, this father and his family were kidnapped. The family was held for leverage to get the father to do something for them. At one point the criminals told him to fire his secretary and threatened him if he didn’t. Of course, he had to do it convincingly. Eventually, the father needed the secretaries help. This is when she found out the real story. Before she found out what could the secretary have thought? Discouraged, I am not good enough, it’s my fault, or just that her boss is a real jerk. 

Real life

Now here is a situation where I really should have thought about something and given credit where it was due. But, instead, I assumed something. I thought my husband was mad at me this week. I thought by some things he said and did, that he just didn’t care or really want me to be around. I had to tell him something I didn’t think he liked very much. So, I assumed he didn’t really care to wish me a happy birthday. 

Now I have to explain something, our Sonos system just had airplay introduced. Which means you can play anything on your iPhone to Sonos. You can connect with an iPhone or any Android probably. 

Thank God!

I was listening to worship music when midnight Tuesday rolled around. When my birthday started. All of a sudden my song stopped and Happy Birthday started playing. I didn’t think; I just assumed that somehow Apple Music played Happy Birthday at midnight on my birthday. This was very interesting to me. 
Merv, my husband, came over, probably to hug me and to see my reaction. But, I went on and on about how Apple played Happy Birthday on my birthday.

Um, Thank God?

It came out today that actually, it was him air playing this for me. You can imagine how horrible I felt!  But, I definitely didn’t even think he might have done something to be nice to me, to do something special. Thinking about it, it really didn’t make sense that Apple Music would do this. I don’t know why I thought that. 


Don’t be too quick to assume something is a certain way. To assume the worst in someone. Before blaming, before thinking there is no way you can be thankful for a certain situation. Realize there may be more to it. If you can’t be looking and thinking through and about things. Then trust God that there may be more to it.  Remember the Bible does say God will work everything out for the good, for those who are called for his purpose. 

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