thankful for God

Thankful For God and His Many Blessings

How often do we sit back and just praise God with our prayers, words, actions? One gets so busy in their life today we lose sight of gratefulness. Computers, smart phones, tablets, smart watches, electronic this, electronic that. All of it demanding our time and energy. All of it started out to make life more convenient but what really has it done? How often does all of this remind us to be thankful for God? 

Maybe there is some redemption in this fast info aged world. One can find several programs, apps, tools to help in their Christian walk. 

Online Services I am Most Thankful for God for:

An electronic Bible for the computer or any mobile device. Developed by a time working for Life Church. Has reading plans, connect with friends, read plans with friends around the globe, read the Bible, highlight, comment, book mark, audio reading of many different versions of the Bible, videos, many translations into many different languages. FREE

thankful for god
man hiking at sunrise with the words What are you thankful for?

My home church. I host every Thursday at 4pm ct. I also attend as a member Saturday at 7pm ct and then attend an online Life Group at 8pm ct via Zoom

Life church Online has 84 experience to attend all week long. Live chat and prerecorded message same one all week long. Pastor Craig Groeschel is Senior Pastor for all of Life Church and Pastor Alan George is Life Church Online Pastor. We have something like 600 volunteers from around the world and every single country has people who visit Life Church Online. We can be viewed in Twitch, Roku, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and many more I a sure. We have many Small Life Groups that meet Online in the many ways people meet online.

You will find Seekers of Biblical Truth at the Top of the list. That is our Life Group that goes with the Biblical Worldview you can find on our About page     To search the database yourself

Other Online services that I have accessed less frequently but still Thankful for God for

I often use this Bible when I am doing a Google search for subjects and verses in the Bible. But it does have some handy features somewhat similar to YouVersion for highlighting and some devotionals that will email you every day. It also has several study books to dig deep into the Bible with, some you have to have a paid membership to access. 

  • There are many churches that broadcast online now too numerous to list here but I will include a few that I have watched

Community Bible Church in Texas

Elevation Church

Bent Tree Church in Texas

  • couple of websites that my friends produce wonderful Christian content on

My fellow author on our site Allison Anderson

Allison offers her books she authored, and live life coaching along with her personal blog. 

Teresa and Michael Blaes have multiple sites here are just a couple

Unresolved Life Podcast and blog

Unresolved News Podcast and Blog

These apps and services I have not accessed but will also remind us to be thankful for God

I hope you find encouragement, and help through these links or others to help you in your life. It is so important to remember we need to be thankful for God first and foremost. 


Would love to hear your thoughts!

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