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Thankful for You My Readers, Subscribers, Followers

Thankful for You

While the numbers are low according to Google analytics and number of followers through WordPress. Just one is one individual. There is a person behind every number, especially now that I got a plugin to protect against bots. Then there are the hundreds of followers I have on social media. Thing is most of those do not click through to my site. I have been sitting here wondering how can I do something to show I am thankful for you? What can I put in my blogpost to show how much you all really mean to me?

Thankful for You

I could put in a nice thankful YouTube video or the like, some kind of image that says my sentiments. While they are all good, just how much does it show how much I really appreciate you?

If it was not for you behind that screen I would not have an outlet for everything God has put on my heart. I would still be floundering with what to do with the talents He has given me. Or, the barely any talents. Some days that evil monster doubt hits me. But, for some reason I keep going.

My Life Group Pastor through Life Church reminded us Leaders of something yesterday. It is not the activity, interaction, or numbers that matters. It is being focused on the end goal and just being there. Loving the people in your group no matter how few they are. My goal for this website has always been to provide a safe place for those hurting to find God in their struggles. It is not how many it is that one individual finding God and strength during their struggle. I am thankful for you who is reading this right now. You may be struggling, but so am I. I am thankful that you chose to spend a few minutes reading these words.

thankful for you
A road winding through trees at sunrise. With the words We are thankful for you!
Thankful for You

So, it comes down to, how exactly do I show my gratefulness to individuals I do not know. To these names I have as subscribers, and followers. While I may know quiet a few of my subscribers, but my followers I do not. How do I truly show my appreciation for each individual in one fell swoop. Only thing that is coming to me is to say a prayer.

Lord, Heavenly Father. You are so precious, so dear to us. You provide even when we make decisions and go our own way. You still love us. You died on a cross for us. Lord I pray for that person on the other side of the screen reading this right now. You know their hurts, you know what is going on in their lives. Are they in danger, do they need to feel love? Lord, protect them, wrap your arms around them let them know just how precious they are to you, to me! Lord provide for everything they need. Let them know You fully understand, even if I cannot, You do! I understand You may feel distant to them, but You are there. That is the amazing thing about You Lord. You can be everywhere with everyone in this very second. Even later when people read this years after I wrote this. You are there with the person reading this right then. You see them, you hurt or rejoice with them. Bless them this holiday season, the time of Your birth Jesus. Bring families together, lesson the stress of the season. Put a calmness over the world. I know the good and the bad is all to work out your plan. Give each individual reading this your strength to get through the bad, to hold on to the hope that You see and You will get them through. That there are blessings on the other side. Even if the blessings are just inner change in themselves not the circumstances around them. We love you and praise your name Jesus! In Jesus name amen

Thankful for You

I really mean it, you the one on the other side of that device, you are precious, you are loved, you mean the world to me. I may not know you personally, or even your name. But, you are real, you mean something to the Lord of Lords, and people around you. You may be alone most of the time, but I am here and I love you and care. Remember that!

Could you do me a huge, more than a huge favor? Please share this post with all your followers so God can bless others through you. It only takes a couple of minutes to do that. You never know that one person on the other side of the device in your social media list may need this word from God today.

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