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Thankful Thursday: Thankful for the Unusual

thankful thursday

Thankful Thursday

At least for this first thankful Thursday post, I wanted to do something different. while it’s great to be thankful for the normal things you hear about every day, such as food on our tables, warm beds, shelter, etc. I want to focus on things we normally wouldn’t think to be thankful for.

I must say this in all honesty. I received a blessing today in regards to this thing I am thankful for that I wasn’t expecting. But see, it’s because of my thankfulness, I think, that this blessing came. Because I have been thinking of this thankful Thursday post since yesterday morning. And thanked God. It may seem like, after the fact, one could say, “of course she’s thankful for that now.” But yesterday morning, I didn’t want to be, but God showed me something. So as God is my witness, (and I don’t say that lightly), this post would have been posted regardless of the current blessing. Which is just another testimony of the reasons to be thankful? Not for the blessing, of course, but for thankfulness sake. But God will give you the blessing.

Thankful Thursday?

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to be thankful for my job. I know I need it because of the benefits it provides to me and my husband. I try to be thankful for it. for those who don’t know, I work in the field of technical support. I help our customers, who are blind like myself and use our software and hardware. To make their computers, or I should say our computers, accessible to them, as well as other parts of life. Sometimes, I get irritated because these people are so angry and have chips on their shoulders, it seems to me. I really get driven batty because people will call in who don’t know anything about using a computer and don’t even want to try to learn on their own; they want you to hold their hand through the whole process. This has irritated me something awful. After Monday, which was a long day, as Mondays usually are, I felt so frustrated. I wished I could quit. I woke up about half an hour before I usually wake up Tuesday morning, thinking, aww man! I can’t face another day. But then I went back to sleep, and God showed me a dream.

I had quit my job, or so I thought. i couldn’t find another one. I didn’t know what I was going to do. When suddenly, I remembered that I had a work-from-home voice over IP phone still for my job and could use it. I was going to beg my supervisor to let me back on those phones, to give me my job back. At that point, my alarm went off, and I realized I still had my job. I was so happy that I jumped out of bed. I then started thinking of it in relation to this thankful Thursdays post.

Thankful Thursday!

You know what? if we didn’t have customers who refused to learn on their own, my job wouldn’t be there. Yes, we get tech-savvy customers who call in with problems.  Honestly, if those were the only calls we got, we would not need half the support staff we have.  I’m sure I’d be gone since I have been one of the last people working for the company, even though I’ve been there for 10 years. It’s because of these people that drive me nuts that my husband can have the seizure medicine he desperately needs, without worrying about Medicare doughnut holes. It is because of that we can have all the medical care we need and other money. So I am thankful for my job, even when it is stressful, thankful for those customers who pay my bills, even indirectly.

I have heard it said in a devotion once that the person was thankful for the need to clean her house because it meant she had a home to clean. This falls along the same lines, but honestly, it never hit me quite the way it did this week. I am thankful even when Merv is upset and yelling and having a temper because I have a husband to be with and talk to, even if it’s to listen to yelling. I have a husband who cares enough about things to get upset. I am thankful even when I get drivers on our transportation that I don’t want because I do have a service that will take me to work and to other places, I need to go. Being thankful for the obvious things is easy, but it’s those not-so-obvious things that can really make us think and really change our attitudes, i think.

So let me ask you: what are you thankful for that you might not think of as something to be thankful for? Something you might have complained about?

By the way, here was the blessing that happened today. After my show of gratitude yesterday. I did know that we would probably be getting raises this year. I didn’t know that until Monday, but honestly, I didn’t even remember it during my praise session with God. Today, I found out about my own raise. Not only am I getting a raise, I am getting a huge raise, almost $2 more an hour. This is more than they usually give people who are promoted because I have really come so far this past year, which I owe all to God.  Not being upset in my job, negative, complaining, lacking confidence.

I have gained more confidence, and they noticed and thanked me. I was so upset back in April when they did our performance reviews. They weren’t going to promote me like I wanted them to. Yet, even though they couldn’t do it officially, monetarily they gave me the rate I would have gotten, and more if I had been promoted. How’s that for a blessing? After I came out of that review in April grumbling about how ungrateful they were, they didn’t appreciate me, I probably wouldn’t get any raise this year. And now this. All I can say is God is good, and if you don’t think being thankful makes a difference, it truly does.

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