The battle of self control

The battle of self control Sermon by Charles Stanley

The Battle of self control

Every single day we are faced with having to control ourselves from something in our lives. Whether it’s doing something we know is wrong, or simply as saying no to ourselves when like we should to some things. Battle of self control can be tricky but can be done through the help of God’s Holy Spirit living within us.

Lately I’ve been watching some sermons by Charles Stanley. He’s a very good teacher of the Word, and really makes you think. I want to share with you some of my notes that I took from His sermon, The battle of self control.

The battle of self control

Scripture references

  • Gal 5:19-21
  • Gal 6:7

Questions that he asked was:

  • What is out of control in your life?
  • Do I have a strong desire to be happy? What are you BEING to be happy? (meaning what is your character, attitude.)
  • Do I have a desire to control others?
  • Do those things you do fit who you are?
  • Am I walking in the Spirit?
  • In this point in life where am I?
  • Is your life under the control of God?
  • What’s better than God’s best?
  • What am I cheating me out of God’s best?
  • What is it in your life that you just can’t let go of?
  • What am I doing that’s slamming blessings of God’s door?

Sermon highlights

  • Desires control us.
  • You will never be like someone else.
  • Self control is thinking before you act and considering seriously the possible results.
  • Those that practice certain things, it’s their lifestyle.
  • Holy Spirit is in control, and I think before I act. My actions will follow His purpose for my life.
  • Self control requires us to think before we act.
  • Believe that God’s Holy Spirit will enable you.
  • He’s there with asking and yielding of your life.
  • You cannot change law of God.
  • Whatever we sow we reap.
  • We hear what He says but we don’t believe what he says.
  • It’s dangerous to hear Word of God, then disobey it.
  • God loves you to much to get by with it.

3 questions to ask before decision making

  1. How will this effect me spiritually, financially, and physically?
  2. How is this going to affect how others see me? Do they see me as a true believer, person that lives it out?
  3. What are consequences of my actions?

One of main points that stood out to me most was when he talked about how dangerous it is to disobey Word after hearing it. Sure I somewhat knew that, but way he said it, hit home with me.

May you search your heart and take your time reading through the questions and the points and see what you and God need to work on the most, and go to Him in prayer. It’s REAL actions that will get you the RESULTS that you need and waiting for.

May Lord bless and keep you.

Allison Anderson

Author OF

The Battle of self Control
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