little things in life

The little things in life are what matter

little things in life

little things in life
Life is like a painting. You need the small things to make the complete picture.

little things in life

it doesn’t matter how small or big something is. we need everything for the big picture. From ants, to elephants, from tadpoles, to whales. From grass to trees, from sky to land. They are all God’s creations. We need to look at everything around us and thing that it is all for a reason. We need all the sea life and land animals and flowers and plants for the big picture. God’s amazing wonders. He creates things for purposes and we need them all. Imagine the world with no trees, no animals, no plants, no ground, no sky, no oceans, no insects, no sun, no moon, no stars. there would be no you. God planned everything in the creation because he knew we would need it all, to create the full picture. 

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