The Loss of Children

The Loss of Children Sounds So Unbearable, Can Jesus Christ Help?

Loss of Children can Jesus Christ Help?

In this chapter Jacob loosing another one of his youngest children is at risk. When I had to place my first born in foster care I came close to understanding the pain of loosing ones child. Because of my life choices my son was placed. Jacob’s children’s choices he lost Joseph, and now Joseph’s decisions brings the fear of losing Benjamin.

But in both cases the Lord God Almighty came through. When we get to the next chapter we will see that Jacob does not lose Benjamin and Joseph comes back into his life. For me my oldest son was never totally out of my life. Now that he is an adult I could not be more proud of him. If it was not for our children, Joseph and my oldest being out of our care we would not see the benefits now.

Loss of Children can Jesus Christ Help?

I want to state here and now I could not even come close to understanding the pain the death of a child causes. My experience is only losing a child to the system and it was a good experience over all. Once I submitted to the Lord God Almighty He brought peace joy hope and love to our lives. Jesus Christ protected my son and the rest of the family as we experienced life. Through those experiences we learned what He needed us to learn to be who He needed us to be.

the loss of children
drawing of Jesus holding His hand out to us

Right now as I write you I would not be able to have the wisdom or understanding if I did not live through my life choices. If God did not allow me to learn from the consequences of those decisions. Do you think we learn when things are smooth sailing? I know I do not, why go through the pain of learning when things are going well. How do you think the Lord could use what you are living through right now?

Loss of Children can Jesus Christ help?

All I know is the times I lived through I could not have made it without the Lord God Almighty. He brought Christian believers fellowship at just the right times to give me strength to deal with life around me. I was never in the right mind to be a contributor which helps bring one out of depression and depths of hopelessness. But when they were there I needed just the smidgen of hope they offered.

Now that those years are far from me God gives me words to write to offer some of the hope He showed me. I pray that reading my story and seeing where God has taken me gives you that hope. Remember no matter what, Jesus Christ is there and those life choices can be used by Him. Lord God Almighty has a wonderful plan to use everything you are living through. There is peace joy hope and love for you. Just keep turning to the Lord.

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