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The Other Side of Our Struggles in Life Makes Everything Worthwhile

The Other Side

Of Our Struggles

As I look at my life I see struggles and pain. So much so it is amazing I can find joy in anything. Sexual abuse, brain injury, stress, almost homeless, single parent with three special needs kids, married twice, single parent twice on and on. But, I do not want to focus on those hurtful times. What I want to focus on is the other side of those struggles. What I learned and how there can be joy and peace after it all. I would like to talk about how God shapes us through all the pain in our lives, and after our lessons how He uses it all to draw His children to Him. It is wonderful how different our outlook becomes after God helps us grow from the inside out.

Because of the abuse I have been through I know the fear of leaving the situation. When another person, someone that you think loves you degrades you, it is hard to imagine yourself anything but what that person says you are. But, I promise you, living here on the away from all that abuse now, you are more than the person says you are. There is a way out, God provides that way out. Granted you may be a minor and cannot get away from your parents. I was in that situation too. I plead with you to reach out to other adults that you trust. Do not keep it hidden. I did for a few years, I thought I brought it on myself. But when it finally came out in the open there is much healing that can happen. It is scary at first, but, trust God He will show you how valuable you really are. e

The other side of the many times that I was almost homeless taught me how precious it is to have a home. With my brain injury I did not handle life well. But each time I was close to living on the streets taught me how to do life better. I learned that I cannot do life without some help. I finally sought out counseling and direction on how to live life better with my kids. God humbled me to know that my ways are not the best ways. If you are struggling, if you do not see a way out, please reach out for help. God made us to need each other. We all can learn how to live for God, how to live better for our families from each other. It is not a terrible thing to accept help from another. Through that you can turn around with the new found knowledge and help someone else out of a similar situation.

Are you the parent of children with challenging diagnosis, or behaviors. I can promise you this, with my three special needs children who are all almost 30 years old, there is a rainbow on the other side. It will not always be a struggle, there is even some joy as you watch your children grow through the years. Do not compare your children to others, all are wonderful in their own ways. Yes, grieve the loss of your dreams for your child, but let God help you see the new dreams you can have. Every child is precious in God’s eyes and each one has a great plan in His story.

the other side
sunset over the ocean with words that say looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ; Titus 2:13

The main thing I really want to point out is that God uses all our experiences for the benefit of us and His children. Look at everything you have been through, are going through. Watch for how it is helping you become a better person from the inside out. How the Holy Spirit is guiding you through it all. Please trust me, there are tremendous blessings on the other side of the pain.

If you need to talk or someone to pray with, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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