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The Story of Joseph Is One Of Dreams Fulfilled

The Story of Joseph is one of Dreams fulfilled

In this chapter we see that Pharaoh grants land to Joseph’s family. Joseph answers to God, but in Egypt He only answers to Pharaoh. This story is one of dreams fulfilled in Joseph’s case. Not only is he over all of Egypt but also his whole family. His brothers, even his father did not believe it would happen. How often do we doubt God, the promises and dreams He gives us? But, I need to point out that Satan is always there. We could be fooled by thinking our dreams are from God, but really it is Satan appeasing our flesh. How can we tell the difference?

Dreams Fulfilled

Our flesh is so loud. What we think, desire, want can drown out God’s purpose for our life. Sometimes it is so hard to tell the difference. We could be helping people, doing good in the world, but yet not fulfilling our given purpose. We could under our own power open doors of opportunity but yet not be what God wants for us. Look at all the people who appear to be rich. How many of them are truly happy. They appear to have everything they need and/or want. But, are their dreams fulfilled? Really, are they fully satisfied? It would appear that all the right doors were opened to them, their life was full of opportunities. But, do they live for God, or for themselves?

I think the difference is whose dreams are being fulfilled? For those who do not know the Lord they could be fulfilling their own dreams. What seems right to them here on Earth, with no vision for eternity. It is a constant struggle to have more, do more so that one can be satisfied. To keep our eyes off of the Lord, Satan is always there to keep us distracted by thinking things, and people of the world will fill us up. Dreams fulfilled by earthly desires is what we need. Have you ever seen any of that bring real joy that can only come from the Lord? People may seem happy, but joy?

One may ask what is this joy? I think of joy from the Lord as a peace, and very positive feelings no matter what is going on around me. Things may seem to be falling apart, but my trust in the Lord gives me a calmness that is hard to describe. I understand life is painful, and I may struggle. But, I know God is giving me strength to get through what ever is going on. That this situation will not last forever and on the other side God will have taught me something. With that lesson He can then put me in a situation to bless others. That is what joy from God is to me. It is to live for God in everything I do.

dreams fulfilled
God will use the very thing that others thought would break you to build and bless you so let them throw bricks they’re just laying the foundation to your next blessing!

So, for Christians dreams fulfilled is more meaningful. As we live focused on God and seeing all our trials as lessons for us to live God’s purpose in our lives. Our dreams will start to match God’s dreams. But, what are God’s dreams? It is all in the Bible. His most important dream is that everyone of His children spend eternity with Him. He wants to prosper, build, and see His people happy. God knows that because of our sin nature, and satan that we will suffer. He hurts with us, but He also blesses us as we endure and learn from Him.

What are some of those blessings? They may not be what many see as great blessings. I for myself am not living with a lot of earthly treasure. But, I am blessed. I have more wisdom than I did when I was young. Well, ok, most have more wisdom as they get older. God has blessed me with wisdom I could only learn from Him. No, I am not all wise, I still get many things wrong. He has changed me from the inside out, the ability to handle the tough things in life without so much anxiety. I can be content with little because I know God has my blessings in heaven. What I have here on earth does not matter as much. It is nice to have, but my relationship with God is more important.

As God shapes us to be who He needs us to be then dreams fulfilled will happen in our lives. Because our dreams will become God’s purpose for us. We will want to be used by God to bless His people. Feel the joy of seeing others blessed even when we are struggling ourselves. God gave Joseph dreams when he was just a child. Through all the struggles God’s purpose for his life happened. Joseph’s dreams were always the same as God’s dreams. To bless his family by Joseph ruling over them. Do you see your dreams matching God’s purpose for your life? How can you find out if your dreams match God’s? I think we need to pray, read His word daily, journal, and let God change us from the inside out. Then we can start seeing our dreams match God’s purpose. Then we can find joy as our dreams are being fulfilled.

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  1. PastorJohn Day

    Yes, there is a difference between happiness and joy, and we need to seek joy, which we will find as we seek the Lord. Well said.

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