beauty hidden in plain sight

There is Beauty Hidden in Plain Sight All Around Us

Beauty Hidden in Plain Sight

Have you ever spent time to just look around you? What would you see? Cars rushing by, people staring at their devices or rushing to get somewhere? What if we were ever to stop and “smell the roses” as they say. Even I who spends much of their time at home doing same thing day in and day out does not stop to see the beauty hidden in plain sight.

Whether you believe this world was made by chance, by an explosion that happened out of nothing, or made by intelligent design of a loving creator one cannot escape the beauty of it all. For me it is hard to believe that any of this happened from a big bang. That it all came from nothing. If one was to look at flowers the way Hey Jude does in their Macro Monday

up close picture of a leaf

it would be hard to escape the thought of intelligent design. How could those perfect lines, colors, smoothness happen just by accident? But, I am getting away from the subject of this blog. Beauty hidden in plain sight.

Beauty Hidden in Plain Sight

The picture above is a picture of leaves, something we would walk by and never give it a second glance. They are everywhere and we take them for granted. What happens though as our cities grow bigger, as we need more space for our luxuries, and conveniences? What happens to those leaves, those plants?

beauty hidden in plain sight
lots of people going up and down a set of stairs outside

Maybe in our crazy fast paced lives we need to slow down so we can appreciate the complexities of the simplest things as in a leaf of a plant. Think about ways we can preserve and help it continue as we push our way further in this world.

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