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Thoughts on Black Friday, Why, Oh Why Lord?

Have we become a society that only gives thanks one day a year? A country of people for only themselves? When it comes to the holiday of Thanksgiving the whole country remembers it is important to have a grateful heart. But, then comes Friday in America. This concept of black Friday is spreading throughout the world. 

As I searched WordPress Reader for a blog to feature this Monday.  My thoughts were on black Friday. Who has written a blog that could portray my thoughts on the day the best? What I found was hughcurtler

and his repetitive article he writes every year at this time. Reason he reposts same article is because the content is important to remember as we become more of a “commodified culture”. As business’ and advertisers so expertly bring us “And Yet Again: Black Friday

Black Friday?

I myself fear black Friday. I can barely walk yet fight my way through all the people looking for the best deals of the year. I think about the one day of a year that people remember to give thanks and wonder what happened to us? America is about the American dream, possession of “things” is so very important. With “things” becoming more expensive the deals are ever so more essential. So, business’ are out to get that end of year sales quota preys on those needs of the consumer. 

As I do not have a “head” for business, or any of that. I just know if we are going to find any semblance of peace in America we need to get back to empathy. Being grateful for what we do have for longer than one day a year. Loving each other rather wanting to hurt each other for those short term deals. 

black Friday
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Is that shopping deal really that important? More important than that person next to you pushing a shopping cart? What surprised me today as I searched the internet for the typical news story on black Friday is that I did not find one. I cannot say I did an extensive search, but on the surface it seems news media is not covering it as in the past. What did surprise me though is a couple sites labeled as the official black Friday site.

and I guess somebody has brought this so called holiday to a science. Maybe some time, some way people will learn to do black Friday in a peaceful way. But for me, I stay home where it is nice and warm grateful for what I do have for longer than one day. 

Outside sources

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