make sense of life

Trying To Make Sense of Life Through Our Own Thoughts

Make sense of life

In this chapter of Genesis Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt looking for food. God’s word is coming true that He spoke to Pharaoh in his dreams. There were years of abundance and now there are years of scarcity. This famine was felt far and wide. Under Joseph’s direction from God Egypt was protected. But now his brothers are seeking help and it is time for Joseph to try to make sense of life in this situation.

God never told Joseph the full interpretation of his own dreams. The dreams of when the stars bowed down to the sun and such. It was thought by his brothers and father it meant that they would bow down to Joseph. But, that was beyond their comprehension. How could their loving God have them all bow down to their younger brother? After all the trials Joseph went through I am sure those dreams were far from his mind.

make sense of life

But, now here are his brothers looking to Joseph as an authority figure. All the pain and anguish that started from their decision to sell him. I cannot say for sure what what going through his head when he saw his brothers. I do get the sense that Joseph was thinking for himself not looking to God. His decision to put his brothers in jail speaks to me that he wanted to punish them, to make them hurt as he did. He was trying to make sense of life with his own fleshly thoughts.

I think when he his brothers out of jail to retrieve his younger brother is when he started to listen to God again. Or, at least God found a way to influence Joseph’s decisions. God is like that, no matter what we feel or decide His plans always work out.

make sense of life
purple flowers with words You must arrange your days so that you are experiencing deep contentment, joy, and confidence in your every day life with God. Dallas Willard

make sense of life

How often do we try to make sense of our situations, our circumstances. We try to work them out with our own thinking. If we do have a relationship with God, do we always turn to Him when we do not understand? How often have we been hurt terribly and just want revenge? But, is that God’s way?

As we follow Joseph’s story we see how God works everything out to bring Him glory. How he takes care of His children by disciplining and shaping them to who He needs them to be. We learn who He is, and how to live in peace with Him through the story. Because ultimately Joseph obeyed God, many after Him have been blessed.

make sense of life

Maybe when we are trying to make sense of what is going on around us we need to turn to the Lord first. Have faith that no matter what, He will give us strength to get through what is going on. That He uses anything and everything we are going through to build up Heavenly Treasures.

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