types of family

Types of Family That Can Be Found In Our World

Types of Family That Can Be Found In Our World

In Genesis chapter ten we find the genealogy after Noah. This brings to mind the types of family that can be found in our world today. Just think about it there are over 7 billion people in this world. Well, give or take a few thousand or so. Each person comes from someone. It all started from these people in chapter 10.

For me, I come from a step family. I grew up with my step dad and my mom. My little brother was my step dads and moms child which made him my half brother. My older brother is my step dads and his first wife’s child which makes him my step brother.

Then there was my dad (he is in heaven now). He married again and between my step mom and him they had my little brother and sister. That makes them both my half brother.

Then as I became an adult I carried on the tradition of making step families.

My first husband and I have three children. Then many years later I married again. So, I brought in a step dad for my kids. My second husband was married once before and had a child from that marriage. Now my oldest kids have a step brother that is younger than them. Another child brought into the picture by my second husband and I which makes him half brother to my first three and my husbands first child.

Types of family

See how easy it is to complicate the typical family? Mother, father, and children. Our decisions, our emotions, tend to direct our lives. We fall in love, and fall out of love so easily today. Marriages become throw away commitment to one another.

Types of family

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my wedding day September 27, 2005

But, God knew this, and plans for this. No matter how twisted we make families. How complicated it becomes. God can do miracles through it all, can heal and use every experience. As we read the Bible we can see His miracles as He works through humans fumblings.

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