visions and dreams

Visions and Dreams Are They From God?

Visions and Dreams

Have you ever had a vision and/or dream? To fully explore where they come from and understand them is totally beyond me. But in Genesis chapter 40 is all about dreams that God gave the baker and cup bearer. I think he did this so as to prove His power through Joseph. To once again give us evidence of just what a close relationship with Him can be like.

I know when I was deeply distraught early in my second marriage I fell to my knees crying out to God. He gave me a vision that I am slowly starting to see played out. It has taken 12 years but God is always faithful. The vision was that my husband and I would live together and serve the Lord. The reason it has taken so long I think is because my husband and I were not ready. You can check out our testimony and see how our actions proved we were not ready.

visions and dreams

Visions and Dreams
clouds with sunrays and the words dreams and visions

But today God has blessed us with resources that if we handle them right we could find a home for us to be together again. The thing is, we need Gods guidance and wisdom. We need to continually ask for His guidance. We tried doing things our own ways all these many long years. If we want to have a family under one roof we need to put Him first. This is all scary, the changes, but also exciting. I will talk about the details as more of it becomes clearer.

visions and dreams

In the mean time…..I would love to hear of your visions and dreams. Where and how has God given you hope that there is a plan for you. Do you need to talk and pray to talk to God to find some clarity in your path? I am here for you, He has a wonderful plan for you, it just might be time to focus on Him and serve others as He works it out with you.

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Does God still give visions to people today?

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