waiting for answered prayers

Waiting For Answered Prayers Is Possible For Us

Waiting For Answered Prayers
Title should be Genesis 18

In this chapter we find Sarah and Abraham being told by the Lord again that they will have numerous descendants. This is hard for either of them to believe as they are beyond childbearing years. We also see in this chapter where Abraham negotiates with God for the safety of his nephew Lot. Both these stories are examples of waiting for answered prayers

waiting for answered prayers
a sunset with the words answered prayers
Waiting for answered prayers

I always hear that God answers prayers all the time. We just do not understand the answers sometimes. The reason we do not understand is because the answer does not meet our expectations. 

Could it be our expectations are different than God’s perfect plan for us and His world? We always see the world as revolving around us. The thought of how we know better than what God does is often our way. But look at just how perfectly He made this world. Could we ever come close to creating anything so wonderful?

If He so brilliantly created our world how much less do we think He could answer our prayers in the most perfect way? We may be waiting for answered prayers that have already been answered. We just do not like the answer. None of us like to hear the answer no. 

God is our Heavenly Dad

This article was set to go out yesterday, but as a single homeschooling parent, life got in the way. Just as God may answer our prayers with no, I had to say no to my son and stick to it. 

Sometimes telling our children no causes much turmoil. Saying yes could be so much easier. The yes would mean our children would stay calm, and not cause so much turmoil. But, would the yes benefit our child into the future? Giving in to our children, always wanting to keep the peace does not teach them self control. 

Just as it is with our Heavenly Father, our perfect Daddy. Sometimes He has to tell us no because He is trying to teach us some discipline. With that in mind could it be that answer to your prayer is answered already? Could it be a no? What do you think God is trying to teach you? Maybe a long conversation with God could help as we are waiting for answered prayers. 

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