Waiting For Things to Happen, For People, For God Is Challenging For US

Waiting For Things to happen

Just imagine being on the Ark with all those animals, and your family. Not knowing when the waters would dry up if they would dry up at all. God never told Noah His plans other than it was going to flood. Waiting, and longing had to be so challenging. Just think of it, Noah had none of the modern conveniences of today.

What are you waiting for today? A new job, or as my son is saying right now, going to the pool? How about a spouse, or to move? Are you finding it a challenge to wait? Could you ever consider that God is trying to teach you something while you wait?

waiting for things to happen

I know patience is a fruit of the spirit and we all want patience. But does God just snap His fingers and give us patience? According to Joyce Meyer’s we have patience in us already. When we accept Christ we become new people and we are filled with His spirit. His spirit has all the fruits of the spirit. But, to develop them in us God has us exercising the fruits.

So, what is God teaching you while you wait? Maybe it is time to sit back and have the conversation with God.

waiting for things to happen

waiting for things to happen
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waiting for things to happen Outside sources

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